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This shit's a meme, yo. Good luck.

Turkey Fucking

How herzblutnord and misery got into transsexual turkey gay sex

<herzblutnord> maybe i will dream about you guys tonight
<misery1903> coz we are not trans
<herzblutnord> NEVERMIND
* xnaas will dream about trans misery1903 and herzblutnord having sex
<misery1903> long time no see wet dreams
<herzblutnord> xnaas who is on top
<herzblutnord> relatable
<herzblutnord> xnaas you didnt answer my question
<xnaas> oh sorry
<xnaas> hmm
<xnaas> I think you both wear a strap-on, but misery1903 is probably the one taking it in the ass
<xnaas> :P
<misery1903> he's actually fuckin imagining it
<herzblutnord> ok thanks
<xnaas> also misery1903 is part actual turkey
<xnaas> so you're a bird-fucker
<herzblutnord> WHAT
<herzblutnord> NO
<xnaas> :P
<herzblutnord> pls.
<misery1903> he asked a fuckin simple question
<misery1903> who's on top
<misery1903> only 2 answer
<misery1903> how we end up with strap on bird fuck
<xnaas> infinity answers, really
<xnaas> anyway
<xnaas> it's not my fault herzblutnord's is a bird-fucker
<herzblutnord> :(
<xnaas> this is just the way things are
<xnaas> :P
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